Some of the Best Features to Look For in Free Conference Call Services

13 Oct

Meetings: No one likes them, and almost every organization needs them. One of the most cost effective services that any organization can invest on is a phone conference service, which allows any employee to call in to an upcoming meeting from anywhere around the world. Of course, many businesses may not have that much to spend on their conference calling, which is why today we are looking at some of the top free conference calling services available. Here are some of the best features to look for in your phone conference call services.

Web-based: One of the first things you should look for in a free conference calling service is the ability to use the software online. Most companies will only have a phone number, and this may be a real problem if you need to call your meetings. Free conference calling software allows you to share the calls between all your employees, as well as all participants at once. For example, if a group of employees need to talk about the company newsletter, they can simply go to a Web-based server to take their calls. There's no longer any need to install a large network of telephone lines, since just a Web connection is all that is needed.

Audio and video: When you are using a web-based conference calling service, you may want to look for a service that has good quality audio and video. Audio quality may be key, because you don't want to have people who aren't really interested in what you're trying to say interrupting a meeting. Video quality is important, too, since it may be important to show a video presentation to participants who are not present at the meeting.

Unlimited call time: This feature is crucial for anyone who is going to be attending multiple meetings in a day. If you are holding meetings in different parts of the world, you will probably have calls coming in every hour of the day. You don't want to spend money on a monthly plan for phone conference calls, especially if it costs you money to send a fax to each participant. Also, if you need to make long distance calls, you will want to find a service that lets you make unlimited calls to a single number. With the right free conference call service, you can even make conference calls to international numbers.

Conference calling via a meeting number: This is an important feature, because many of these services allow you to call from a toll free phone number and then to dial in using a meeting number. This gives people a chance to join the meeting without needing to speak directly into your company phone. You can be able to speak to your employees as the host and explain the meeting, without having to be concerned with their locations.

The above mentioned features are just a few of the features that any company should look for when looking for a free conference calling service. Many companies may only be using one or two of them, but some of them may have additional options that you may need. To get enlightened about the topic, click here:

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