Get Free Conference Call Services

13 Oct

There are plenty of free conference calling services on the internet. They all promise to offer a wide variety of features, but in reality, only a few are good enough. Some free conference calling services will offer audio and video conferencing, video and web conferencing, screen sharing and other additional features.

Some free conference calling services offer free conference calls; however, they don't always offer the quality you expect from a professional service. Most free conferencing services will also offer:

Audio Conferencing: A free conference call service will offer you audio conferencing at no cost. However, if you want full conference calling features like screen sharing and call recording, you should probably pay a few dollars for a professional conferencing service.

Web conferencing: A free conference service may offer web conferencing, where a group of people can meet and discuss their ideas over the Internet. However, web conference services usually have limited features and a fixed time limit.

Screen Sharing: A free conference service will let you share your screen with others during a live call. This can be very useful if someone needs to see what you are working on at the moment. However, screen sharing is not always available.

Video Conferencing: The free  services are not that flexible when it comes to video conferencing. However, some services do let you record and share the instant conference video and allow you to watch it back later.

Screen Recording: You may also be able to share your screen with others during a video conference, but this may be limited to about one person at a time and not many people can see at once. This can make a bad conference more productive.

Call detail reports: Some free services offer conference call features like caller ID and call forwarding for free. If you want to look up details about who is calling you, these features can help, but not always as much as you would like.

Call recording and/or call recording time limits: If you want to be sure that you will have time to discuss all of your issues or concerns with your clients, you should pay for a good conference call service. Most free conference call services offer only call recording features, while most professional conferencing services offer video and web conferencing. Read more here:

When you compare different types of free conference calling services, make sure you consider all the features, options and pricing. Remember that if you are using a free conference service, you may be offered all the above features at a cheaper price.

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